Welcome to Your Tribe

If you have found this site, then you are likely at a transition point in your life.  Maybe you are feeling alone or lost or perhaps you find yourself questioning your life's meaning.  Tribe  offers the treatments, practices and experiences to help you understand fully where you are on your path and stand in your personal power so that you can move forward with your life with clarity and intention.

We are a diverse group of practitioners who offer a variety of healing modalities. Although our backgrounds and personalities vary greatly, we are united in our dedication to being of service to your true self.  You can create your own package of therapeutic treatments or you can allow us to guide you in crafting a plan designed to give you the results you desire.  Our work is grounded in both medical and spiritual practices to provide you with a nurturing and well-rounded experience.  All of our practitioners have been vetted by an M.D., enhancing your sense of comfort, safety and confidence. 

Among the results you will experience are:
Deeper Insight
More Love
Knowledge of how to take care of yourself
The feeling like you are a major part of the solution
Greater Joy
More Achievement
… and so much more

You will love how we customize a healing day or weekend for you.

Whether you are a visitor to Sedona or a resident in this amazing place, you will truly benefit from the experience you will have at Tribe Wellness.

We look forward to helping you choose the right package of experiences to suit your needs.










Patients of the mental health clinic will have a 90-minute assessment with a board-certified psychiatrist.  The doctor will take a full history of current and past difficulties, associated medical conditions and treatments in addition to current stressors and lifestyle.  At the end of the session, the doctor will provide you with an impression and come up with a plan to help.  This plan may include medication, individual psychotherapy, psychotherapy groups, lifestyle modifications or other treatments offered at our facility.

We do accept insurance. Please call our billing office at 928.639.0166 to see if we are on your plan.

If we are not on your plan or if you prefer not to go through your insurance, the cost is $600 for the initial assessment, $200 for follow-up sessions with the M.D. and $150 for weekly therapy sessions.  To schedule, call 928.202.9187.



The healing power of Sedona is here for you!  Our providers are all exceptional in their areas of specialty and most are trained in multiple modalities.  Scheduling is available for individual sessions, repeating sessions or retreat services.  Therapeutic modalities include:


Myo-fascial Release


Deep Tissue

Hot Stone


Lomi Lomi


Sound Bath

Intuitive Massage

Nutrition Consultation

Class activities can be either individual or group sessions and include:


Gentle Movement

Breath Work

Sound Baths

Didgeridoo Private Sessions

We would love to customize a healing day or weekend for you.



A healthy spiritual life has numerous health benefits, regardless of religious beliefs.  These practices include activities to increase peace and mindfulness and to strengthen self-care and harmonious relationships.

Symbolic and spiritual work allows direct access to novel ideas and solutions.  We offer a variety of individual sessions to this end including:

Intuitive Readings

Astrology Readings

Spiritual Counseling

Private Ceremony


Shamanic Journeys


Sound Healing

In addition to individual sessions, Tribe offers daily meditation groups, sound baths and classes.  New activities are added regularly.  Please check the calendar for a current schedule.

For more information about the above treatments or our practitioners, please call 928-202-9187.