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Grow We work with families to create a simple, customized, manageable, and maintainable real food program that's designed with you, for you. Check out The Tribe Guide to Real Food and The Tribe Guide to Picky Eaters, and learn how your tribe can easily achieve a healthy, happy real food lifestyle.

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Learn Check out the Tribe Wellness Democrat and Chronicle and Rochester Magazine article, and read how we helped one local family go from processed food and picky eaters to happy, healthy, real food lovers. Includes grocery shopping tips and yummy recipes for the whole family.

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Real Food

My goal is to help families eat more REAL FOOD! Let's transition away from the standard American diet, filled with highly processed convenient food with little nutritional value and lots of hidden (and scary!) ingredients. I'll help you focus on wholesome, organic, locally grown food instead!

Simple Solutions

Almost every family struggles with the same challenges - choosing healthy foods, understanding ingredients, budget constraints, busy schedules, and picky eaters. I help you find solutions to them all! 

What We're All About

A Teacher You Can Trust

I'll teach you what every parent should know about what's in your food - additives and preservatives, GMOs, pesticides, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics - and make sure you understand how these things can negatively impact your children's health.

Raising Healthy Eaters

I want your kids to LOVE healthy food! Together we'll tackle mealtime battles, get your kids involved in the kitchen and in the garden, and show you a feeding strategy that will allow your kids to develop a healthy, long term relationship with food.

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