Picky Eater Coaching

Grow Is your picky eater ruling the roost? Do you feel frustrated, tired, and helpless when it comes to raising a healthy eater? We can help! Our picky eater coach will teach you a quick to learn and easy to follow way to cure your child's picky eater problems. Together, we'll finally make mealtime enjoyable again! Learn more about our picky eater programs and get started today.

Solve my Picky Eater Problems

Nutrition Therapy

Discover Nutrition can play a huge role in many common childhood conditions, yet its importance is often overlooked. If you'd like to make dietary changes part of your child's treatment plan, then our team of Registered Dietitians can help. We specialize in food allergies and sensitivities, chronic tummy troubles, and behavior or attention difficulties.

How Nutrition Therapy Can Help

Real Food Coaching

Grow Whether it's through a pantry clean-out, a grocery store tour, or a new family-friendly meal planning strategy, our real food coach will teach you step-by-step how to feed your family wholesome, real food. If you're overwhelmed with how to get started with a real food diet (and scared your family will revolt!) let us lead the way. It's easier than you think!

I'm Ready for Real Food

We Help Families Raise Healthy Eaters

At Tribe Wellness, we want your kids to LOVE healthy food. Together we'll tackle mealtime battles, get kids involved in the kitchen and in the garden, and teach families a simple feeding strategy that allows kids to develop a healthy, long term relationship with food.

We're also all about inspiring families to enjoy REAL FOOD. Our goal is to help families transition away from the "Standard American Diet", filled with highly processed convenient food, lacking in the nutrition that our children's bodies need, and filled with lots of hidden (and scary) ingredients. Instead, we focus on wholesome, organic, locally grown food that allows kids of all ages to thrive.

How do we do it? We're a nutrition private practice in Rochester, NY, with specialties in pediatrics and family nutrition. We see clients at our offices in Fairport and Penfield, in your home, or even virtually via phone, Skype, or Face Time. 

Check our our main areas of focus below, meet our team of Health Educators and Registered Dietitians, and hear what other "tribes" are saying about working with us. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Amy Nadelen, MS

Founder of Tribe Wellness

P.S. - Giving back is an important part of our mission, and we proudly support Foodlink’s Nutrition Education programs: Cooking Matters, Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables, and Kids CAN. We donate a percentage of our profits to the organization, and also offer creative opportunities for our clients to give back, too.

---------------- Picky Eater Battles ----------------

Does this sound familiar ... your kids constantly asking for snacks throughout the day, but when mealtime comes they turn up their nose at everything you make. Which means you're in the kitchen making a separate meal for everyone in the family. You worry if they are getting enough of the "healthy stuff", so each meal includes a good dose of trickery and skillful negotiation to fit some veggies in their growing bodies. The dinner hour has become the most stressful time of the day, and you frequently feel frustrated, tired, and helpless when it comes to raising a healthy eater. We can help.


---------------- Feel Better With Food ----------------

When our children aren't feeling well, our whole world is turned upside down. Is your toddler dealing with chronic constipation, reflux, or persistent tummy ache? Is your son struggling to pay attention in class, feeling like he can never just sit still? Does your daughter have persistent ear and upper respiratory infections? Are you overwhelmed feeding a child with multiple food allergies? Food has a huge impact on our health, and can be a hidden part of many childhood conditions. But you don't have to figure out all the answers by yourself. We can help



---------------- Real Food for Real Life ----------------

We all wish we could eat a little bit healthier, right? A bit more make-at-home instead of grab-and-go. A pantry filled with fresh, wholesome, real food instead of one that is overflowing with boxes and bags of food made in a factory many months ago. Dinnertime? No problem. You've got that. An organized meal plan guides your way, with lots of family friendly ideas which are quick to make and everyone loves. Does all of this sound too good to be true? It's not, but we understand how tough it can be to get there on your own. Life is hectic, time flies by, and even our best intentions are pushed to the side. We can help


---------------- Testimonials ----------------

Tribe Wellness helped us put together goals that are very personalized for our family’s needs and priorities. Amy’s approach was that healthy eating is like continuum and that each step is a step towards whole eating, but that we don’t have to be perfect or subscribe to any one person’s philosophy to be successful in feeding ourselves and our family members.

Amy is so knowledgeable about the science and psychology of feeding, and has successful experience with her own two picky eaters. She is understanding and sympathetic of the parents' struggles with trying to feed their kids nutritious foods. In just a few short weeks we went from feeling hopeless and worried to relaxed and empowered.

After going through the Tribe Wellness program with Amy, we have a whole new lifestyle. We shop healthier so it is natural to eat healthier. I know that I will be sending my daughters to college with good eating habits.

Amy's knowledge and expertise in the field of health and wellness is only surpassed by her passion to make an impactful change in the lives of others.

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