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Adele Sands

  • Horse Sessions
  • Reiki

Adele is a sensitive and intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and healing facilitator in Sedona. She also has degrees in Psychology and Medical Assisting, is certified in LaStone Therapy and Lymph Drainage, and has attended Jonathan Goldman’s week long sound healing intensive.

She is a Member of the Sisterhood of The Planetary Water Rites. Originally from Maryland, Adele has been living and practicing in Sedona for over 11 years. Her gift is an integrated, holistic session or retreat that combines many different modalities and healing tools to create a perfect energy for the release of blocks, both physical and energetic. Then comes the most important step for us all; the creation of the energy of the new Self, as part of the new, multidimensional Earth.

Adele has a deep connection to the healing energies of Sedona, and is blessed with powerful guides and allies who use her hands, intuition, voice, hot stones, crystals, aromas, crystal skulls, sound healing tools, Reiki, and other healing modalities to assist her client’s process. The guides and angels of both Adele and her client bring through insights, enlightening information, and healing energy. Adele creates a safe space for healing and massage, and begins each session with a prayer for the highest and best good for all.

Degrees, Certifications, Licensures, etc.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Medical Assistant
  • Psychology Degree