About Us

Your Tribe

We are one human tribe. As a tribe, we are strong and we have everything we need to solve today’s daunting challenges. Our biggest obstacles lie within ourselves. 

Tribe is intended as a starting place, a seed for a new way of seeing the path to wellness.  We aspire to healthy growth of individuals, community and our species as a whole. 

Our wellness practitioners come from many different backgrounds in terms of education, philosophy and skill set but we all believe that with proper care and nurturing, it is human nature to grow towards the light. Wherever you are on your path, whatever the nature of your suffering or distress, together we can find a way to help you live as your truest self.


Numerous studies have proven the health benefits of meditation, regular movement, social connectedness, volunteering and a healthy spiritual life.  It is our intention to provide resources to help you add positive habits into your daily routine.


Membership with Tribe includes an introductory session with our Wellness Director and allows unlimited access to our meditation groups, sound baths, social activities, movement classes and other recurring activities on our calendar.   Members also have discounted rates for individual sessions and treatments.

Medication can be  a very powerful tool, but it cannot do all of the work on its own.  We want to help you feel calmer, happier and more content in your life.

Future Plans

A portion of all proceeds from our spa treatments and private healing retreats go towards Tribe's next phase.  Each time you purchase one of these services, you can feel good about contributing to the larger good.  Our plan is to purchase land in Sedona on which to launch a progressive community wellness project.  

This project will be built and maintained with the help of community volunteers.  First priority will be gardening for beauty and for food for the community.  Soon after, we plan to build sustainable housing with clean energy and water resources.  First priority for housing will be given to community elders.  It is our hope that these elders will volunteer their time and experience towards caring for and teaching our children.

If you would like to manifest this goal with us, please contact one of our directors.

Director Bios

Mary Watson, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Watson is a board-certified adult psychiatrist specializing in a comprehensive approach to healing. She is a medical doctor (M.D. from Tulane University School of Medicine) trained in psychiatry at UC Davis Medical Center. She is a skilled psychopharmacologist but understands the limitations of medicine alone. She actively pursued psychotherapy training well in excess of what is normally taught in psychiatry residency including mentorship with top names in the field. After residency, she was faculty at a residency training program specializing in teaching psychotherapy techniques. In her current work, Dr. Watson’s unique approach to psychotherapy combines compassionate directness with symbolism, drawing in large part on concepts from psychoanalysis and mindfulness. She recognizes the role that patterns originating in childhood have in perpetuating suffering and helps clients to see things from a different perspective and make more harmonious choices.

Dr. Watson’s clinical experience includes a full range of inpatient and outpatient settings including crisis management, step-down clinics, group practice and private practice. She moved to Sedona in 2016 to fulfill a lifelong dream of starting the new model for wellness represented here. She spent the first 2 years in the Verde Valley creating and running an outpatient mental health clinic for the local hospital group. This allowed her to understand the needs and assets of this community so as to best encourage its healthy growth.

From an early age, Dr. Watson’s curiosity and drive led her to a wide range of life lessons and experiences. She attended many prestigious universities, lived in numerous cities with myriad jobs and varied social groups. Her exposure to different cultures, mindsets and ways of being has led to a broad perspective and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life with compassion and understanding.

Dr. Watson's website


Wellness Director

Phaedra has been well-known and well-respected in the Sedona metaphysical community for over a decade.  She is an empath who uses her intuitive and psychic abilities to help clients manifest their life goals and dreams.  Phaedra helps her clients journey into spirit and reconnect with their true selves.